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Code Notes

These are individual samples of coding problems and solutions, used primarily for personal reference and peer review. There is little exposition here.


Flex and OpenBD Web Services
Flex and OpenBD Web Services

Your Flex app parses data from a ColdFusion web service no problem. Why can't it do the same thing with an Open BlueDragon Web service?

Why can't I access "relatedObject"?
Why can't I access "relatedObject"?

Access of possibly undefined property relatedObject through a reference with static type flash.events:Event

Negative Number Restrict Attribute via ActionScript
Negative Number Restrict Attribute via ActionScript

Using ActionScript to allow negative numbers in TextInput components

Setting up Eclipse for ColdFusion development
Eclipse CFML IDE

My steps in creating a ColdFusion development environment, so I don't forget how to do this next time...

Reading Flex trace output in your Flash Player
Reading Trace in your Flash Player

Brilliant and bashful programmers such as myself will place trace output into our Flex code. Here's how to read that in the comfort of your own computer.

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